Security Policy

Much of what we advertise here is strictly controlled by national governments. Ribbands Explosives complies with explosives and export/import legislation in the UK and any client country.

Please do not ask us to provide anything illegal, since a report to your national security service often offends.

If you require a quotation for any high explosives or accessories, please note that we will not enter into negotiations until we are satisfied that you are authorised to acquire the items. This will include your explosives acquisition certification. Note that export orders are automatically processed through the UK's Department of Trade and Industry. An end-user certificate is required for military products.

If you are visiting our site because of a private interest in explosives or weapon systems, please feel free to browse and ask questions if you wish. We do receive a lot of e-mail and we cannot always guarantee to answer it all, due to lack of time since we sometimes have to make a living rather that play on the internet, but we do try our best. If we don't know the answer to something the chances are we'll know who does, and can often pass your enquiry on. Our staff share an enthusiasm for the fascinating subject of energetic materials and are always pleased to hear from kindred spirits.

We have close contacts with the UK's Institute of Explosives Engineers. The IExpE is highly recommended as a forum for explosives users worldwide, and we certainly suggest that those interested in the subject join either as an Associate or Member.

Sales & Transport Policy

Apart from national legal constraints, we at Ribbands Explosives have our own rules when deciding what to sell to whom, often going beyond what is required by law. For example, some powerful military pyrotechnics are exempt from control, but we will only supply to organisations and individuals who can demonstrate a legitimate use for the items.

Transport of Class 1 (explosive) material is always a problem. Whilst international orders are welcome, arranging transport of material can be relatively very expensive for small orders. Transport by air is usually impossible, and sea transport often requires a dedicated shipping container. Please bear this in mind when calculating prices.

Delivery within the UK, or FOB UK port or airport is charged at cost, or can often be arranged free of charge for large orders. You are very welcome to collect material yourself, from our office sites in Norfolk, by prior arrangement only. Attendance at our main magazines is not permitted.

We are strictly a trade only supplier, and a minimum order value of £250 applies on explosive items.

UK VAT is added to all invoices where the goods are destined for a UK delivery address. Overseas orders are VAT exempt.