Ribbands Explosives, in association with Quelltex Solutions Ltd, offers you the independently-produced video, 'POWER and Precision: An Introduction to Explosives'.

Issued on all-region PAL DVD, the program covers the main types of explosive, with demonstrations of their effects. It is priced at £18 (approx. US$28) including worldwide postage and VAT.

The video is suitable for basic explosives awareness training of Police, Military and security personnel, or anyone else who wants to see some basic information on explosives, to see what explosives look like, and to see what explosives do.

Whilst there is a lot of serious information, the subject is treated in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. In contrast to most 'training' videos, no one should go to sleep at the back. The loud bangs, and the specially-commissioned techno soundtrack, will help.

There are lots of demonstrations, all using controlled commercial or military explosives or weapons. No information is given on the production of actual 'bombs', or on anything else that we think might be of use to irregular forces or terrorists. The program is rated '15' by the British Board of Film Classification.

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