Explosives Disposal

Our wide knowledge, and technical understanding of both military and civil sector explosives provides the expertise to destroy everything from simple bulk explosives to difficult mixed consignments in complete safety.

Our clients include waste disposal companies, defence and explosives manufacturers, oilfield operators, and government defence ministries who require advice on or disposal of excess national inventories.

We have developed a number of proprietary techniques for the disposal of mixed consignments, and for the efficient handling and disposal of bulk ammunition. When employing detonation as a method of disposal, our techniques completely prevent the ejection of undetonated material.

Our experience in assessment and destruction includes:

  • Bulk commercial and military explosives
  • Small-arms and medium-calibre ammunition
  • Artillery, tank and armoured car rounds, charge bags, projectiles and fuzes
  • Mortar ammunition
  • Aircraft bombs and fuzes
  • Anti-armour and anti-personnel mines
  • "Cluster" weapon sub-munitions
  • Hand and rifle grenades
  • Anti-tank weaponry ranging from small rockets to complex guided missile systems
  • State-of-the-art "smart" weapons and PGMs
  • A wide range of commercial shaped charges and initiators
  • Military and civil pyrotechnics
  • Black powder and propellants
  • Improvised explosives and explosive devices
  • Chemical weapons
  • Marine distress flares / pyrotechnics
  • Lab chemicals including Picric acid, DNPH, and azides
  • Firearms