Years of military activity have left a global legacy of explosive debris. Manufacturing sites, training areas, ranges and battle areas invariably contain explosive material; often the result of years of gradual accumulation. Minefields in particular continue to produce a deadly harvest long after a conflict is resolved.

As contaminated land is restored to its original state, or converted to a new use, be it construction, oil and mineral extraction, or the creation or continuance of public access, the clearance of this lethal debris is paramount.

Ribbands Explosives has the personnel able to safely detect, mark and destroy unexploded ordnance of all types. We can deploy anything from a few highly trained men as consultants or instructors, to fully-equipped autonomous EOD units. We can work either under a client's command and supervision, or operate independently as main contractors.

Our staff are drawn from the British Army's Royal Engineers, Royal Logistic Corps, Special Forces, RAF and RN EOD units, and from the commercial weapon design sector. Their training and experience is unrivalled in the world. Many personnel have held instructor or senior instructor positions in their specialist discipline.