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Designated the Exploder, DC, Electronic, Handheld, L3A2, but commonly known as the 'Shrike', this exploder is the standard-issue initiating system used by UK forces.

Each unit is supplied with a pair of Tools, Fault locating, Load circuit, L23A1, which are insulation-piercing prickers used to locate faults in the firing lines.

An integral test function is included. The capacitor-discharge output may be directed to any one of the four pairs of firing cable connections.

The rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries are supplied separately and to order only.

Packaging: Single.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling)
Exploder only (Good used condition, fully functioning) �260 per set.
Carrying case with pair of prickers (Good used condition) �60 per set.
24 Volt Battery charger with case (New and unissued) �30 each. Ni-Cd battery (New) �140 each.

Stock level: Out of stock. Unlikely to be replaced.

Control Status: Not controlled, but supplied to legitimate, explosives-certified users only. An end user certificate is required from overseas clients.