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This nature is intended for use in CQB military training, to simulate single shot rifle fire.

The L19A1 may also be used in theatrical or film and video production.

The unit consists of a light aluminium tube containing 0.1g of smokeless powder and a fusehead. The device functions immediately on application of electric current, producing a report sounding very similar to full-bore rifle fire.

UN No. 0454 - HazCat 1.4S

NATO stock number: 1370-99-513-2241

Dimensions: 6mm diameter x 35mm long. Wire length 80mm.

Packaging: Inner packs are screw-top aluminium cans containing five units. Outer packaging to order, subject to charge.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling) �4.00 per can of 5 units.

Stock level: Good stocks.

Control Status: Not controlled, but we supply only to legitimate users.