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These grenades are intended for signalling and local screening applications.

The coloured smoke grenades have an anti-FOD strap and may be deployed from aircraft.

The grenades function approximately three seconds after release of the fly-off lever, producing coloured or screening smoke for about 45 seconds.

UN No. 0432 - HazCat 1.4S

Colours normally available: Green (L64A1), blue (L67A1), violet, Screening Mk4.

Dimensions: 60mm diameter x 112mm high (excluding lever assembly).

Weight: Colours 450g, Screening 600g.

Packaging: In fibreboard boxes of 50 units. Can split and/or mix, subject to a repacking charge.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling) To be advised.

Stock level: Out of stock, unlikely to be replaced.

Control Status: Not controlled, but supplied to legitimate users only.