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A commercial blasting explosive based on Nitroglycerine. Manufactured by Exchem Organics. The material has excellent water resistance and is suitable for deep immersion.

Ribbands Explosives occasionally has an excess stock of this material for sale in small quantities.

See also Fusehead, Electric.

UN No. 0081 - HazCat 1.1D

Packaging: 25kg fibreboard cases.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling) �1.50 per cartridge.

Stock level: Out of stock, unlikely to be replaced.

Control Status: Very strictly controlled. Explosives authorisation is required.

Type: Nitroglycerine gelatine
Velocity of Detonation: 2500-5000 m/s
Density: 1.45 g/cm3
Bulk Strength (%BG): 78%
Weight Strength (%BG): 80%
Shelf life: Recommended 1 year
Fume characteristics: Good