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These specialist matches, manufactured to UK military specification, are intended for use in windy or damp conditions.

These matches are not to be confused with civilian standard 'windproof' or 'storm' matches. Matches, fusee burn at a very high temperature, without a visible flame. They are particularly effective for lighting safety fuse in blasting or ordnance disposal operations.

UN No. 1944 - HazCat 4.1 (flammable solids)

Dimensions: 50mm long x 6mm diameter match composition.

Packaging: Ten matches plus one striker card in sealed plastic sachet. Outer packaging fibreboard boxes containing 10,000 matches.

Trade price: On application.

Stock level: Available to order only. Delivery usually about 30 days.

Control Status: Not controlled. May be dispatched internationally by air freight. All enquiries welcome.