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This newly-developed item is designed as a low-cost replacement for the military Destructor, Incendiary, where the temperature of thermite is either not required, or may cause the detonation of high explosives.

The F.I.E. finds application in explosives disposal tasks, or in explosives trials, as a very convenient and reliable method of setting fire to pits, trays, bonfires and high explosives.

On initiation, the unit produces a directional jet of flame for one minute together with a quantity of molten and burning aluminium dross. A temperature of around 1500 Celsius is reached.

The F.I.E. has a thick fibreboard case which gives a good degree of water resistance. In very wet conditions (As found on most ranges in the UK!) complete waterproofing may be obtained by wrapping each device in a small plastic bag prior to deployment.

The unit is fitted with a standard electric fusehead, reliably initiated by any commercial or military exploder, or by a battery of 1.5 volts upwards.

UN No. 0336 HazCat 1.4G

Dimensions: 120mm long overall x 22mm diameter.

Packaging: In outer fibreboard cartons of 200 units.

Wire length: 0.5m

Ignition delay: zero

Burn time: One minute nominal.

Trade price: Quantity-dependent. Please enquire.

Stock level: To order. Approx 4-6 weeks.

Control Status: Not controlled.

F.I.E. used to burn out a shaped charge warhead: One minute later the filling is completely destroyed, without incident.