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Ribbands explosives carries a large range and quantity of electric detonators in stock. All are of UK manufacture, supplied in No8* strength.

The millisecond delay series is manufactured in delay numbers 0 to 30. Delay steps are 25ms from 0-12, and 30ms from 11-30.

The half second delay series is manufactured in delay numbers 0-20, all in half second steps.

See also Fusehead, Electric.

UN No. 0030 - HazCat 1.1B

Packaging: Paper bags containing 50 detonators. 10 bags per fibreboard box of 500.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling) �1.00 each (small quantities). Quantity discounts on application.

Stock level: Out of stock, unlikely to be replaced.

Control Status: Very strictly controlled. Explosives authorisation is required.