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A high quality, very high velocity military plastic explosive.

Our C4 is supplied in bulk drums, in a slightly powdery form. Upon manipulation the material immediately consolidates into a rubbery fully plasticised mass which may be kneaded and pressed into any shape. The material has excellent mechanical and adhesive properties, and may be stretched into long strands without breakage.

In its original powdery form the explosive may be poured into charge containers, then pressed into intimate contact with the liner.

Substantial price discounts are available on full shipping containers (16 tonnes plus). Please enquire.

UN No. 0084 - HazCat 1.1D

Packaging: 25kg bulk drums.

Trade price: �15/kg ex-works UK

Stock level: Currently unavailable due to international transport difficulties.

Control Status: Very strictly controlled. Explosives authorisation and End User Certificate required.

MilSpec: MIL-C-45010A
UK HSE Serial number: 32-A-68450
RDX content: 91 � 1%
Polyisobutylene plasticiser: 9 � 1%
Moisture: 0.1% max
Velocity of Detonation: 8092 � 26 m/s
Density: 1.63 g/cm3
Colour: Nominally white
TNT equivalence: 118%
Chemical marking for detection: Marked
Shelf life: At least 10 years under good conditions