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A high quality, free-flowing gunpowder ideal for use in muzzle-loading firearms and cannon, in fireworks manufacture, and for blasting.

The material is supplied in two grades, of different grain specifications.

The chemical composition of each grade is identical.

Designation Grain size, mm Packaging type
Type 2 (medium) 0.70 - 1.30 15kg case containing 30 x 500g tubs
Type 3A (fine) 0.25 - 0.50 15kg case containing 30 x 500g tubs

UN No. 0027 - HazCat 1.1D

Packaging: In 500g tubs. 30 tubs (15kg net) packed in a fibreboard box.

Appearance: Glossy, uniform grains, with greyish black to black colour.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling, ex-works UK) �9.00 per kilo (�135 per case).

Stock level: Currently unavailable due to international transport difficulties.

Control Status: Controlled. Black powder authorisation required.

Moisture content: 1.0% max
Hygroscopicity: 1.5% max
Bulk density: 0.9 min
Specific gravity: 1.6-1.75
Firing temperature: Approx 430 Celsius
Explosion temperature: Approx 2300K
Shelf life: 15 years minimum if kept dry 91 � 1%