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A very high performance conical shaped charge, built to UK military GW specification.

The charge will penetrate in excess of 650mm of rolled homogenous armour (RHA).

The charge finds civilian applications in the penetration of concrete, rock, or steel components during shipwreck dispersal.

Each charge is supplied with a CE booster pellet, which fits into the top booster well.

UN No. 0059 - HazCat 1.1D

Filling: 2.54Kg EDC1A

Overall height: 214mm

Overall diameter: 144 mm

Cone diameter: 5 1/2 inch

Packaging: 5 units to a C238 Ammunition container.

Trade price: (Pounds Sterling) �100.

Stock level: Out of stock, unlikely to be replaced.

Control Status: Strictly controlled. Explosives authorisation and End User Certificate required.