I've included this section in our web because I receive a large number of letters and e-mails asking about employment opportunities, both with Ribbands Explosives and the explosives industry as a whole.

To those outside the industry, explosives disposal may have a rather glamorous image, perhaps generated by media treatment of our activities. Believe me - this is not really so! Once you've spent a long time lugging ammunition into muddy holes the glamour evaporates. But, there is still the fun aspect of seeing the stuff finally go off, which most full-time operators will admit, at least privately, is rather enjoyable. So to those thinking of entering the industry, I offer you my encouragement and best wishes. However, it is important to be realistic about the prospects, since this is a small, and in some fields shrinking, industry.

My company is primarily involved in explosives disposal - latterly large quantities of redundant military and civilian explosives and ammunition. Plus some area clearance - minefields and battle areas, that sort of stuff. We operate from our base in Norfolk, UK and at various range sites and clients´┐Ż premises in the UK and overseas. We are also involved in the import and export of specialised military equipment and explosives.

For our manpower requirements, we have a core of full-time employees; plus a list of regular staff who are contracted on a job-to-job basis. We do not operate at full capacity continuously, since the nature of the work results in quiet periods punctuated by times of intense activity.