Chapter Title Subject
Black Powder Gunpowder - the original explosive. Fired unconfined, then confined in an ammunition box.
Flash Powder & Propellents Flash powder is demonstrated in stage effects and military simulators. Smokeless powder is demonstrated as a propellant in small arms.
Thermite An incendiary composition is used to attack propane gas cylinders. We enjoyed this one :-)
High Explosives Nitroglycerine, C4, Semtex and PE4 are demonstrated against a variety of targets. Shaped charges are constructed and fired.
Detonating Cord This high velocity cord, used to link explosive charges, or as an explosive charge in itself, is demonstrated.
Detonators Plain, instantaneous electric, and delay detonators are explained and demonstrated.
Grenades A smoke grenade and a fragmentation grenade are let off.
End A selection of explosions to round off the video.